The free version of the RSVP plugin provides solid RSVP functionality for your event. However, the RSVP Pro plugin is here when your event (or events) needs more customization and flexibility. The features below are all a part of the RSVP Pro plugin and have been proven to work on both small events and those with many thousands of people.

Multiple Events

Multiple Events

RSVP Pro is powerful enough to handle invitee information for hundreds of events AND sub-events, allowing you to customize the RSVP process for a wide variety of scenarios.

Form Customizations

The RSVP Pro plugin is very malleable and has the ability to:

  • Change all text (buttons, text box titles, etc) from the admin area
  • Set enrollment to be either open or to use a pre-determined invitee list
  • Create custom questions


Email Notifications and Messaging

Being able to easily connect with guests is an important part of event
planning. RSVP Pro makes that communication painless. You can quickly send emails to guests and setup reminders to be sent at a later time through the admin area of the plugin.

In addition to emailing guests, it is also possible to send invitees confirmations
when they RSVP. Those same confirmations can be sent to an admin or specified event
coordinator. At the end of the event, it is also possible to automatically send
the entire guest list to a specified email.

Public Lists

There are two ways to display event information with the RSVP Pro plugin. The first
puts the attendee list on a page or post. This list will include a person’s RSVP status
for a specific event and related sub-events.

The second way is to show all of the upcoming events on a page or post. This method makes it possible for people to RSVP by clicking on a link, which is useful if there are many different events that need an RSVP.



Recurring Events

This functionality allows you to manage an event that happens at set time intervals. An event can repeat for as long as you want with the
ability to keep a history of past events as well.

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The Complete Feature List

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Multiple events
Reminder emails
Email confirmations
Recurring/Repeating events
All text can be changed from the admin area
Event import/export
Automatically create a page for new events
Add attendee list to automatically created page
Custom styling via admin
Attendee import/export
Custom questions
Copy events
Restrict admin access to specific WordPress roles
Attendee check-ins
Internet calendar file (ICF) file functionality
Public and private events
Designate multi- vs. single-page RSVP form (useful with sub-events)
Guest limit
Open or set guestlist registrations
Disable editing of RSVPs
Disable additional guests
Customizable number of additional guests / +1s at the event or invitee level
Auto-enroll WordPress users
Salutations and suffixes
Allow for first and last name to be editable
Require RSVP and email questions
Set the passcode length
Require the passcode to RSVP
Use only the passcode to RSVP
Public attendee list
Allow attendees to modify their status from the public attendee list
Checking-in via public attendee list
Email attendee list once RSVP closes
CC associated guests on RSVP
Specify BCC address on confirmation emails
Custom confirmation email templates
Custom question display depending on RSVP status
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